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Nayna N N

A Dream Written down with a date becomesa GOAL.

A Goal  broken down into steps becomesa PLAN

A plan backed by ACTIONmakes your dream come true


We all have goals in life. And the best ones among us, pursue their goals diligently. It is therefore, only natural, to plan ahead of achieving these goals.

Today, with rising salaries and higher disposable incomes, individuals still keep wondering whether they will be able to retire early, create a nest egg, plan better for education of their children, or even travel abroad comfortablyon holidays. How do Iallocate my funds towards different investment options ?

Now, this is where an expert financial planner comes into the picture to answer such questions.


How to choose good Financial Advisor?

Choosing a good financial advisor can be a challenging task, especially with so many investment options and financial specialists available at your disposal. Hence  we feel we must highlight the top 5 virtuesthings you should look for in a .Financial Advisor:


Credentials –Accreditations and affiliations to important institutions, noteworthy and large clientele, professional achievements, instances showing expertise and experience.  

Experience – She or He must have sufficient experience in offering the right solutions for various financial goals.

Expertise – He or She should be expert in understanding your needs. Should draw a customised plan on the basis of analysis of facts.

Transparency & Understanding – Note how well she or he understands the problems and comes forward to answer them with complete transparency, integrity and understanding.

References-It is preferable to  go by reference. Meet and discuss the process of financial Planning before choosing him or her.



To help clients achieve all the goals and fulfil their lifelong dreams through financial freedom and attain peace of mind and happiness.



To help 100 clients every year to achieve Financial Freedom & Financial Wellbeing for them, so that

they live carefree & peaceful life.


About Nayna Financial Solutions

Nayna Financial Solutions (NFS) was

1) Established on 29th April, 2007.

2) Its Founder Ms Nayna N N , has 21 years of Competitive Work Experience as Class l Officer with LIC Of India.

2) It has now been 14 successful  years of owning independent financial advisory firm.

3) NFS has over 1000 Clients across India, USA, UK, Egypt, Middle East, Germany, Sweden, Singapore and Australia.


These include Doctors, Lawyers, Business Owners, Professional Clients and top honchos in Corporates.

4) Total Mutual Fund Assets Under Management (AUM) = 25 crores

5) Total Life Insurance under management (IUM)= 400 crores

6) FY 2020-21 Maturity claims paid = 80 Lacs, Death claims = 20 Lac.


Our Services -Sampoorn Suraksha

  1. Comprehensive Financial Well being Plan
  2. Retirement Consultancy (Accumulation AND Distribution)
  3. Children’s Education Consultancy
  4. Travel Plans funding
  5. House Purchase Consultancy
  6. Investment Portfolio Analysis and Restructuring
  7. Insurance Portfolio Analysis and Restructuring
  8. Will Preparation and Succession Consultancy
  9. NRI Investments
  10. Tax Consultancy and Tax Filing Services
  11. Investment Awareness Programmes for Employees in Corporates, IT Industry,

Business Owners, Doctors. Also for specific  groups like Children & Women.

  1. Financial Information & Document Consolidation Services (FIDOK).

    Our Investment Process

    Any challenge that requires financial planning needs to be tackled done well. Our core process is at the heart of every financial solution we offer. Here’s how we approach your financial challenges.


    This is continuous process till our clients achieve their goals.

    Our Products

    We’re your trusted partner for –

    1. Mutual Funds
    2. Life Insurance
    3. Health Insurance
    4. Bonds and Deposits
    5. PMS / AIFs
    6. NPS
    7. Housing Loans, Business Loans, Education Loans
    8. Post Office and Govt. Schemes


    1) Chairman Club Membership, LIC of India.

    2) Qualified for Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) Convention. (International Organisation in Insurance Sector) since last 11 years, now Life Member.

    3) Educated employees from Godrej, Coast Guard and other Corporates on the subject

    of financial wellbeing.

    4) Awarded Best Director Consultant BNI, Navi Mumbai 2017.

    5) Awarded Best Mentoring Co-ordinator BNI, Navi Mumbai 2018.

    6) Lakshavedh intermediate course for SMEs Certification.

    7) Top performing Partner of NJ India Invest Pvt Ltd.

    8) Expert Graphologist


    1)B.Sc., DBM

    2)AMFI Registered MFD

    3)IRDA Certified Insurance Advisor

    4)Lakshyavedh Intermediate course for SME’s Certification

    5) Expert Graphologist

    6)Licenciate of Insurance

    7)Many other certifications like….

    We are associated with

    LIC Of India, NJ India Invest Pvt Ltd,

    Care Health Insurance, Star Health Insurance,

    Oriental Health Insurance, Turtule Mint Broking.